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Jan Yahu Pawul - - - - - >>> DEEJAY DOKUMENTACJA ...

'special information'
Crime against Disco and DJ history 
Jan 'yahudeejay' Pawul - old polish disco deejay (67), 
one of the very first disco-DJs (1970) on planet Earth 
- DJ who serious risked his life to play / popularise USA music 
when deep communist regime in '70 Poland 
- HE is strongly and sadistically-cruel persecuted by USA person 
name luis orellana and his priv.-org. name 'legends of vinyl' !!

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* these jerk-creatures responsible for *


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* an real first generation disco pioneer discjockey

author / disco & DJ historian

... time will pass you by ...

saint / holy words !! ----- real and true !! I call this - 'criminal music' ... symbolize of our time when crooks stole music and pretend authors ... OR hire real musicians whose play and sing in the studio and then other 'DJ Crook' on the cover - pretend it is his work !!

Milli Vanilli syndrom ...
Today’s techno / house etc. and deejays who use old tracks, samplers, CD mixers, put new beats of computer programs, and "create" special versions of the songs and burn CD's at home of their "creations?” or produce on 12” vinyl. I mean they create nothing in fact - they just use good music made by someone else from the past. In other words they can create nothing if it wasn’t from such old, good records of the '70 ?

What if people (poets, writers, painters) change (destroy in fact) great poetry, books, paintings - if they cut of parts of the well known poetry, books, paintings - mix them and pretend it is new and created by them. My opinion if any deejays / producer - want to be creative - then should create own music as Vince Montana did, as many other real musician / producers did in the past. Techno / house deejays just use other music and destroy with wrong BPM, sound, etc. 

Disco music not belongs to techno / house - it is very separate music of the past and it is good as it was created - need no any shit changes - "creations" of the people who have no idea, knowledge - do not know how to play instruments. This is very sick if deejays pretend music creators. Deejays are just to play other people - real musicians music - that is it. 

Problem with present time deejays is - they pretend someone - they are not in fact. They hire real musician to create and record music in the studio - then put his nick name or name on CD cover and pretend this all music is created and made by them. It is shit crime !!! - shit crime.

No one ever in the music history did such dirty tricks before - except one German producer name Frank Farian who created fake and plastic "artist" name Milli Vanilli. Do you remember that their fake creations got Grammy and then they should give back Grammy because of crime they did ???!!! Same creators as this F. Farian and his shit Milli Vanilli are today’s techno / house "creators" / deejays whose cut and mix pure disco music and destroy all in their own sick way. 


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The best and biggest ever (among other) Disco & DJ history book
- over 13.000 files / 400 folders / 4GB INCREDIBLE(!!) content:
- disco history told by its ’70 creators,
- over 130 interviews of DJ's, artists, producers, journalists, etc.
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The difference between ignorance and awareness is wisdom
We don't know where we are going unless we know where we've been
Without that knowledge... history is gone with the wind

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"DISCO DJ" behind 'Iron Curtain' - '70 communist era Poland - potential 'Oscar' movie !! :-))))) ->> http://yahu-deejay.blogspot.com/

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- I was a DJ in early '70 
- before there were NO discotheques even 
and disco DJ profession :-))))

Przez ponad 40 lat mojej deejay kariery (bez fałszywej skromności :-))) wielokrotnie pisano o mnie w różnych deejay i disco czasopismach 
- głównie w USA i UK oraz głównie w latach '70 i '80 (teraz nie ma dobrych i solidnych deejay i disco czasopism :-)))))))) 

Ten blog zawiera prawie wszystkie te artykuły i newsy sprzed lat ...

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For over 40 years of my deejay career (without false modesty :-)))) repeatedly written about me in various disco and deejay magazines - mainly in the USA and the UK, and especially in the years '70 and '80 (there is NO good and serious disco deejay magazines today :-)))))))) 

This blog contains almost all of these articles and news from the past ...


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To be a disco DJ and play american music here in Poland when communist time - was real life risk for me. Not so much pleasure and good bizz as for west / free world DJs !!

Secret political Police (SB) killed many people for smallest reason. Why I'm alive ? Well maybe I'm lucky or God saved me of His reason and way ?  - - ->> or they (SB) thought (because lack of knowledge, informations, etc.) DJ work not any danger for communism ... But today we know DJs work and discos changed some / many young Poles mind and they fall in love to other style of life than communists want for them :-)))))

Anyway Americans (USA President, Music Bizz, Media, Record Companies, DJ's, etc.) should give me special award and serious FUND for all I did for spread, popularise american music, culture and style of life in Poland and put my small brick to build freedom here - same what Mr. Walensa did but he did much bigger size / scale ofcourse.

Place for my name in any 'DJ Hall of Fame' is nothing compare to what I deserve in fact / in real !! 

Marty Angelo - real and true 'DJ Hall of Fame' creator understand above perfect way !!

I not deserve to be treat as piece of sh*t instead of to honour me best possible way if I'm still alive (65) ...


press interview:

... if any of ’70 disco era pioneers want / ever decide send me any of DISCO / DJ historic materials like pictures, press, written memories, etc. - then my address for is:

Jan Yahu Pawul
41-709 Ruda Slaska

It looks like - I’m the only one who cares DISCO / DJ history very serious, professional way and save all for future generations !! :-))))))